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2017-2018 Tutors

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

Shanan Classical is dedicated to providing knowledgeable and passionate tutors who enjoy teaching and sharing with young people. Our Tutors are committed to sharing their enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge with our students. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. – Brad Henry

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Mrs. Paula Bostrom

Spanish 1 & 2

Paula has a B.S. in mathematics with a minor in Spanish from Calvin College. She has an M.S. in mathematics from Purdue University and an M.A. in linguistics from the University of Texas, Arlington. She and her husband, Mark, served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Colombia, S.A., for about seven years. Paula homeschooled their daughter, Andrea, who graduated in May, 2014. Paula has done private tutoring as well as tutoring several years with Classical Conversations in Foundations, math, and Latin I. She has been the debate club facilitator for Shanan since 2011.

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Mrs. Sheila Darden

Biology, Study Skills

Sheila Darden is a veteran homeschooler who has graduated 6 of her 7 children. She has enjoyed teaching co-ops in her home as well as teaching at Classical Conversation for 3 years and the Teen Learning Center for 15 years. Her love for science led her to teach Biology and Physical Science for 12 years at TLC.

Sheila has a B.A. in Music Education.

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Mr. Jack Gale

Grammar and Composition, American Literature

Jack grew up in Charlotte, N.C., and attended public schools there, graduating from Myers Park High School in 1962.  He enrolled at Clemson College and then transferred to UNC-Charlotte in his sophomore year, majored in English, and went on to The University of Tennessee for graduate school.

Mr. Gale “fell into” teaching in the fall of 1968 at Parkwood High School in Union County.  He apparently enjoyed the experience enough that he continued at Parkwood, teaching English, including all levels of English courses, until his retirement in 1998.  In the fall of 1998, he joined Shanan Classical and began working with homeschoolers and has been doing so ever since.

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Mrs. Shari Kaiser

Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics

A lifelong interest in learning led my husband and I to homeschooling. It has been a pleasure to be personally involved in molding the individual strengths and personalities each of our children were given to prepare them to serve God’s purpose. We have two successful homeschool graduates and two children currently being homeschooled. I have been actively involved in the homeschool community since 1995. I served as Director of a support group (GRACE) for 13 years and Director of the area association (CHEA) for 8 years. These opportunities allowed me to interact with many fellow homeschoolers, both those seasoned in the journey as well as those just starting out. We have all enjoyed learning from and supporting each other. I have also been able to share my strong interest in science with the community since 2007, beginning with Chemistry classes. I’ve taught science classes in a variety of locations since: at the Teen Learning Center, out of my home, and at area coops and enrichment facilities. I look forward each year to helping my students see that science is fascinating, fun and understandable.

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Mr. Josh Landon

Apologetics, Church History, Logic 1 & 2

Josh received his Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary in the spring of 2014.  He is the second oldest of eight home school children born to a Baptist preacher and the founder of a home school co-op.  He teaches the youth at his church and helps lead the Awana program.  Special interests include theology proper and Catholic-Protestant relations.  He began teaching at Shanan in 2012.

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Mrs. Marie Lang

Algebra I,  Geometry

Marie Lang has enjoyed life as a homeschool mom for twelve years, and a classroom teacher in a cooperative for five years, the last three years teaching Algebra I and Geometry.  Her formal education was completed at UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Business Administration, Accounting.

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Mrs. Michelle Smith

Algebra  II, Pre-calculus, SAT Prep

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Mrs. Amy Stogner

World View Revolution, Literary Analysis

Amy Stogner is a veteran homeschooler who has taught her own and other children for over 20 years.  Her educational background includes an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Technology as well as a B.S. in Criminal Justice from UNCC.  She has taught various levels at Shanan Classical Co-op since 1995 .  Courses she has taught include writing, history and science.

She has been married 35 years and has 5 children and 3 grandchildren.

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